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Current and former armored car Drivers or Messengers brought two lawsuits against Garda CL NW alleging failure to provide lawful meal periods and rest breaks under Washington law.  Garda denies these allegations.  The parties to the lawsuits have reached a proposed Settlement under which Garda will pay a total of $12,500,000.


The Plaintiffs claim that Garda violated Washington State wage and hour laws by failing to provide meal periods and rest breaks in conformity with the requirements of Washington law.  Garda has denied the Plaintiffs’ claims, and it contends that it has lawfully compensated its Driver-Messengers during the pertinent period.


The Settlement will resolve all of the claims Settlement Class Members brought against Garda in the complaints in the lawsuits or that relate to Garda’s actual or alleged failure to provide the meal periods and rest breaks required by Washington law during the period from February 11, 2006 through August 5, 2018.  Settlement Class Members who do not opt out of the Settlement will release (i.e., give up) all these claims against Garda, including any claim for wages, penalties, interest, fees, costs, attorney fees, and all other forms of relief that were sought or could have been sought relating to missed, interrupted, or non-compliant meal periods and rest breaks.


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